About Me

Google Product Marketing Manager Matthew Epstein

Armed only with a mustache and online marketing savvy, one man has set forth on an epic quest to land a job at Google. That man’s name is Matthew Epstein.


Hello Google. My name is Matthew Epstein, I’m a product marketer and digital strategist with a passion for bringing products to market online and offline. I bet you’re asking yourself “What’s the deal with the suit, the lack of pants and that ridiculous mustache?”. It’s an astute question, so here’s an astute answer: It’s a testament to what it is I love about marketing; grabbing the consumer’s attention, holding it and creating a valuable, memorable experience for him or her throughout the product’s life-cycle.

In this case the product is me, Matthew Epstein. Like chess, marketing is a game of strategy and positioning in which your next move ensures whether or not the buyer purchases your product amongst a sea of alternatives which may be similar, or even better than your own. And just like chess, I hate losing. From market research, to messaging and positioning, all the way to developing the product marketing collateral like brochures and websites I do what I do for that one moment – the moment in which the consumer has two products in their cart, they put your competitor’s product back on the shelf and they bring yours to the register.

That’s why I’m a product marketer and that’s why I’m OK plastering my professional profile with ludicrous images of me in a James Bond suit with a Burt Reynolds mustache. I don’t want to work for Google because they have the name, I want to work for Google because I can think of no greater challenge or satisfaction than learning from some of the smartest people in the industry and helping them to develop products that win in a hyper-competitive business world filled with tweets and likes.

Google Product Marketing Manager